What we do

We work directly with Leaders of Councils, CEO’s and Chairs of Boards to help them build strong performing organisations. Our services range from assessing organisational culture, special investigations, interim management through to assisting with the appointment and appraisals of senior staff.

The experience of David Bowles and his reputation is such that he has personally been appointed to a number of posts where organisations have had significant failures in governance or performance, not just to advise on the remedial action to take, but to lead the recovery process.

Based on our reputation David Bowles was appointed to carry out a review of management culture at NHS Lothian, one of the largest NHS organisation in the UK, reporting to Nicola Sturgeon, the then Scottish Health Secretary and was directly appointed by the the Welsh Local Government Minister to take over as Managing Director to lead a recovery programme at a failing County Council

Effective corporate governance is however much wider than the common perception that it is about conduct and behaviour or managing conflicts of interest. It embraces the effective management of risks, an organisations approach to transparency and fairness, the allocation of rights and responsibilities and a recognition of the need to engage and consult with the wider community.

When it goes wrong it may not just lead to financial loss or public challenge of decisions taken – it can result in deep organisational malaise, poor performance, mistrust, huge reputational damage and even worse serious consequences for service users.